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04 JUN 2017
04 de Junho de 2017

The culture of Cosmos, of the rational world

Now on earth

What is Rational Culture?

It is the knowledge of the origen  of  the  human bein. From  where he has  come, how  he  has come, why  he  has  come  and  the return to his   origin, showing  how  return  to  his natural  state of pure, clean  and  perfect  Rational  being. All  this through the  messages of  the rational superior an extraterrestrial  being, published in  the books "Universe in Disenchabtment"

Besides the return to his origin what world be the objectives of the rational culture?

To connect the human being to his World of Origin, the Rational  World, through  the  rational  development, and reading and re-reading the books  universe  in  desenchantment  attain  that. The  reading  of  the book brings  the  perfect  physucal, moral  and  financial  equilibium  to the  life of matter, which cuinates with the rational clairvoyance, when the reader will get in touch with inhabitants of the rational world the world which we are native of and which we are returning.



Very simple: because it is a  process  of  development, it  will not  be  just through  the  reading  of  the  first volume  of  the  book  that  the  person  will have these verifications, although they have happened to many persons .these  are  the  appearance  of  lights  of  divers  hues, sizes  and formats, the direct  contact with extraterrestrial beings, having dialogues and being oriented everywhere, and that which is more importat:to acquire the inner peace.

It  is  how  we  start  to  learn what  is  true  happiness. it  has  come  to the world that which had long been announced by the prophets,sages,astralogers and by science.

A transcendental knowledge  that  surpasses  all  the expectations  of  the  human  knowledge  and  which discloses the mysteries of nature and of the rational animal in a simple, clear and logical form.  It  is  not  a knowledge extracted from this world's learning, but the truth of truths given  by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

The RATIONAL CULTURE will lead humanity to  the UNIVERSAL RATIONALIZATION. And  thus, with  the assiduous reading  of  this  knowledge, everyone, without  any  effort, very  naturally, without  the  need  of frequenting  any  place, will  be  oriented  in  everything, receiving  the  orientations required for his perfect moral, physical  and  financial  equilibrium, inside  his  own  home  or  wherever  he  happens  to  be. Therefore, there  is  no  temple, synagogue  o r hause  of preaching, nor obligations, for just the reading of this grandiose literary work "UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT' gives  the  protection  that  up  to now no  one had known.


All the diseases that exist in the world are caused by alterations of  the biomagnetic  field. the  world  is  an assembly of electromagnetism and consequently we are also formed of eletromagnetism. The alteration of this energy field causes all the diseases like the cancer, the infarct,the osteomyelitis  and  each  and every kind of illnesses.

The excess of magnetism kills, the excess of eletricity kills the same way. And we are subject to the effects of these two monster fluids, the eletric and the magnetic.   

There are no miracles in the Rational Culture, everything happnens naturally.

The solutions are the consequence of the perfect equilibrium that the person acquires  through the  reading of the messages of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. As the person goes on reading, he comes to be connected to his with the world of origin, the rational world, from where he will receive all the orientations  required  for his good living. With the development acquired through the reading, the person starts to disconnect himself from this eletromagnetic  assembly, which  is  the  world we live in, to be  connected to his  true natural, the world  of  his  true  origin, the RATIONAL  WORLD, substituting  his  electromagnetism  by  the  RATIONAL ENERGY, reaching  the  condition  of  RATIONALLY  IMMUNIZED, and  when he dies, he will no longer be born here in this world, but in his true world, the RATIONAL WORLD.



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