“You are being invited to become aware of the greatest knowledge of all times.”

It is the knowledge of the origin of the human being. From where the human being came from, how he came from, why he came and the return to his origin. It shows how the humankind will return to its natural state of Rational being pure, clean and perfect, linking the human being to his true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. All this through the messages of the SUPERIOR RATIONAL, an extraterrestrial being, published in the Books “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT”.

It is an transcendental knowledge that surpasses all the expectations of the human knowing and that reveals the mysteries of nature - visible and invisible - and of the Rational Animal in a logic, simple and clear way.

It is the nature's natural culture. A knowledge of the new phase in effect in nature, the Rational Phase. The Reasoning Era. The phase of the development of the Reasoning.

It clarifies the true definition of everything and everybody, from beginning to end, of the concrete, scientific, regular, mathematical and/or Cartesian thought.

It is not a religion, sect, philosophy, science or spiritism. However, it approaches all the subjects involved in these areas of the human knowledge. In this way, it clarifies and completes the rightful continuation of these subjects, once it reveals the base of the origin of all that the humankind always notably searched for: the definition of it's being and of all beings.

The Rational knowledge contained in the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT are emanated by a new Energy on the Universe, the Rational Energy. An extra cosmic energy, from the true origin of life and Universe. Also by reading the books the person enters in contact with this new Energy that is governing the Nature, the Rational Energy.

And everybody without the minimum effort, very naturally, will be oriented in everything, receiving the precise and necessary orientations to the perfect moral equilibrium, physical and financial, inside their own homes or wherever they are. Therefore, there is no need to frequent any place as temples, synagogues, churches or preach houses. The person will have on whom to count and where to cling to.

They will be favored by the greatest force of the world that is the nature and by the Supreme Power of their world of origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. All that due to getting themselves connected to the new phase of the nature and living in favor of this new phase of the nature, the Rational Phase for the development of the reasoning.

The Reasoning is located on the Pineal Gland or Epiphysis, in the Isthmus of the Mesencephalon. It is the reason of life and has all the map of the formation of this Universe and its creation. It is the greatest potential of the human being. It is the brain's third machine that has not been developed yet, the central part of the brain.

The other two parts of the brain that were already developed are the thinking and the imagination. Developed through two forces or mechanisms made by the nature - the electric and magnetic energies. These two energies have contributed to the preparation and development of the humanity until the reaching of the civilization phase.

The RATIONAL CULTURE, born in October 4, 1935, in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, is a cultural movement, peaceful and non-profit. It interacts in the several segments of civil society with the mission to bring Peace, Love, Fraternity and the Universal Concord.

Since the beginning it strives to fulfill its commitment to human solidarity through several activities. Highlighting: humanitarian, educational, social and environmental projects; participation in national and international events; civil marches; Biennial book fairs; musical events; community festivals; caravans; lectures; conferences, etc.

In recognition to these initiatives the Rational Culture was legitimized by the Municipal, State and Federal Public Authorities. The “Rational Culture Day” was legitimized in more than 145 cities, capitals and states of Brazil. Also stand out the decorations, medals and titles received by the Literary Work's Responsible - Mr. Manoel Jacintho Coelho - aside of the public recognition to the relevant services provided to the several social segments and to the diverse benefits confirmedly achieved by the Rational Culture students.

Finally, arrived in the world what everybody was waiting for, what was announced by various prophets, wise men, astrologers and the science: the true happiness that will lead the humanity to the UNIVERSAL RATIONALIZATION, towards PEACE, LOVE, TRUE FRATERNITY AND UNIVERSAL CONCORD.

The continuation of these clarifications are found on the basic literary work of the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT that is comprised of 21 volumes, followed by Reply and Rejoinder - The Proof and the Confirmation - and by a Historic that contains a vast completive content of the Supplementary Scripture. With base and with logic, defining all from beginning to end.

(Source: Prospect and Dossier Rational Culture, Hist. 8º, 175º)

The continuation of these clarifications and others more are contained in the Books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.


                                    Official Recognition

The Rational Culture since 1935 has been realizing a fraternity and solidarity work of citizenship, public spirit and civility towards the Brazilian society and in other countries.

It is a non-profit, continuous process of awareness, that seeks to rescue and prepare the human being and the society to the appreciation and respect for the nature and the human rights through the Rational knowledge contained in the books Universe in Disenchantment.

During all these years the Rational Culture have been recognized by the Brazilian Municipal, State and Federal Public Authorities, that legitimized its contribution to the humanity through the official recognition in more than 156 cities and 5 States: the Rational Culture Day.

(Source: Rational Culture Dossier)

The continuation of these clarifications and others more are contained in the Books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.




The life and the organization of the organic beings are in such a way that the organic beings make confusions with life. Life has its very clear organizations for he who knows how to live. However, for he who does not know how to live, it becomes disorganized and the organic beings reign on fencing, in the fencing of life.The life and the organization of the organic beings are in such a way that the organic beings make confusions with life. Life has its very clear organizations for he who knows how to live. However, for he who does not know how to live, it becomes disorganized and the organic beings reign on fencing, in the fencing of life.

In order for life to be well formed, well constituted, firm, equilibrated to the good living, it is necessary that the organic beings and the organizations be all parallel or adequate to the manner that life is constituted; because life is also constituted of several organizations and several means of the power of life. The power of life rests on that which the organizations can correspond to in order to be equivalent to life.

What good does it do the living creature to have life, to live and not know how to live? It does not do any good. Because the more he tries to organize himself in life, the more he becomes disorganized, and becoming disorganized, the more suffering and more suffering engulfs him.

It is like the tide, always against the tide in a stormy sea. And so, these tempests that prevail in the life of the living creature that sinks this precious life in these storms made because of not knowing how to live. And the living creature remains imagining and saying: “The more I look for the good, the more it gets distant from me, the farther it becomes or maybe in the infinite because I cannot see what I am going to do with life.” And the living creature remains in this bitter twilight, in this dream of a desperate sufferer, in this dream of tears, in this infernal nightmare, thinking about infinitude of things and not knowing how to solve his ideal.

(Font: Obra 1º)

The continuation of these clarifications and others more are contained in the Books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.


                                   THE AUTHOR

Manoel Jacintho Coelho

Born in December 30, 1903, in the old Federal District, on Barão do Iguatemi Street, Matoso Neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro. Deceased in January 13, 1991, on his residence in Vila de Cava - Nova Iguaçú, known as Rational Retreat.

He is the maximum exponent of the RATIONAL CULTURE, the Culture of the Third Millenium of the Rational Phase, having initiated the Literary Work “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT” in October 4, 1935, translated in several languages. A man that is simple of the most simple, tolerant of the most tolerant, with no vanities and with no ambitions. He reasons only the good of everyone and work day and night to everyone's salvation.

Through the RATIONAL ENERGY, he has dictated the messages that compose the Literary Work, clarifying and describing the true origin of the humanity, in a modest language, to reach all the intelectual capacities, from the humblest to the most wealthy, what brings us to the conviction that this Man is an Illuminated and this Literary Work, source of truth, is of Superior Origin.

For what he has been doing and spreading in the State of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil and in the World through his Literary Work that is bringing only cultural benefits across all the natural, artificial and spiritual fields, has conquered the right of being consagrated as MERITORIOUS and other 22 titles that may represent in a pale but sincere tribute to WHO is, above all, a Benefactor of Humanity.

Honor Titles

Medal Doctor “ULISSES GUIMARÃES”, homage of the OPB - Order of Brazilian Parliamentarians - granted to Mrs. Atna Jacintho Coelho in memoriam of Mr. Manoel Jacintho Coelho - received on June 7, 2005.

Medal of Honor of the Inconfidência: received on April 21, 1986 in São João del Rey, Minas Gerais, in the presence of the then President of the Republic, Dr. José Sarney.

(Source: Rational Culture Dossier, Book Horseman of Concord)

      Where we came from and where we are going to

Where have we come from?

We have came from the RATIONAL WORLD and this is the cause for our Rational origin in the condition of animal and that has been denominated animal of Rational Origin.

Where are we going to?

With the RATIONAL CULTURE, there is the development of reasoning for the phase of nature we are going through is the Rational Phase.

And with the development of reasoning through the Rational Energy that is represented by the knowledge of RATIONAL CULTURE; after the reasoning has been developed, one is connected to the World of Origin that is the Rational World and returns to the eternal life in his true world, the RATIONAL WORLD.

With the reasoning developed, we ascend to the RATIONAL WORLD; and without the reasoning developed, we descend in class because we are connected to the classes in transformation of this deformation where we transformed ourselves into bodies of different lives and inferior classes.

(Font: 1º Obra e 8º Hist. )

The continuation of these clarifications and others more are contained in the Books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

                                         The Work


This Literary Work is the fruit of the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. In it are exposed, in the simplest and clearest form, all the knowledge of the formation of the world and the beings which inhabit it; the enlightenment of the origin of everything, before being everything what it was, and how it got to be what it is through the degeneration and deformation of nature.

It is not a knowledge extracted from the learnings of this world, but the truth of the truths, dictated by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, Entity of the RATIONAL PLAIN, through his representative, Mr.MANOEL JACINTHO COELHO.

Knowledge of the return to the place of origin of everyone, the RATIONAL PLAIN, our World of Origin, from where all came and to where all are going, how all came and how all are going.

This is the discovery of the two worlds: the electric and magnetic which we inhabit and that of the RATIONAL PLAIN from where we came out and which gave rise to this one that we live in.

Everyone without effort, very naturally seeing the Rational Light inside his home and being attended to inside his home. There is no need of going anywhere, because inside your homes you are oriented in everything, you will receive all the orientations required for your equilibrium. As you can see, it is the natural knowledge and not science from the imagination of someone. It is not art because science is art, but it is from up here, from the other world, the RATIONAL PLAIN.

Therefore, there is no temple, there is no synagogue, and there is no house of preaching to preach the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. No! Each of you, in your homes, will receive all the graces from your World of Origin.

The origin is Rational and you will receive all the required orientations inside your homes. From the world of your origin, you will receive all the required orientations, wherever you are.

This knowledge is not for the commerce of exploitation but for the salvation of everyone, that means: the return of everyone to his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. The true world of the Rational animal is the RATIONAL WORLD.

(Fonte: Obra 1º)

The continuation of these clarifications and others more are contained in the Books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.


                             In Brazil and in the world

The Rational Culture engaged in its commitment to human solidarity has carried out a long and comprehensive social work through diverse activities: humanitarian, educational, social, environmental projects and recovery programs for people involved with drugs and vices, participation national and international cultural events, civic parades, book biennales, musical events, festivities in communities, student caravans with hundreds of people, lectures, conferences, TV and radio programs, etc.

It is a peaceful and non-profit cultural movement. Its main objective is to propagate the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT and the Rational knowledge they contain. It also to reports the benefits acquired by its readers as proofs and confirmations of the purpose of the Rational Culture.

All this movement is from Brazil to the World, interacting in the diverse social segments with the mission of bringing Peace, Love, Fraternity and Universal Concord.

Following are some achievements of these works and events done in group with Caravanas of Promulgator Students, with Students promulgating individually or with the participation of the RATIONAL UNION Band (Union of all Rational Bands in Brazil) covering not only the national territory but also other countries in the all the continents throughout the world, in addition to Brazilian students residing in other countries and making their promulgation contribution in the USA, Canada, France, England, Russia, South Africa, Angola, Israel, Lebanon, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, etc.

(Source: Rational Culture Dossier, Rational Band Statute)


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